TTC Open Playbook: Inclusion and Diversity in Tech

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TTC believes in connecting the dots, not re-inventing the wheel and our 650+ Signatories have pledged to share what works and what doesn't.

The Open Playbook is an open-source catalogue of curated DE&I recommendations, resources and case studies for employers that are aiming to increase inclusion and diversity within their teams. The UX isn't perfect - we currently use a free platform (Notion) and we are always looking for ways in which we can improve it! If you know of an intervention, initiative, resource, company case study or have a recommendation that is not listed here please let us know **[email protected].**

Inclusive Culture (17 subchapters)

Hiring Diverse Talent

Supporting employees who take extended leave

Promoting, Developing and Retaining

Retrain in Tech Programmes

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What works? Evidence based actions

What is the Open Playbook?

An open-source catalogue of resources and case studies to support companies to increase inclusion and diversity in their tech teams.

How the Open Playbook is organised